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Authentic $ Scripts for Home Business Owners

In this 11 page ebook, I've put together for you, I have included verbiage for you to use in pretty much every situation I've faced in my 10 years in the profession of Network Marketing...and I've used these in person, on the phone, in texts, emails, and through social media.

These are the exact scripts and verbiage I use for myself and for my team to duplicate our 6 figure and beyond blueprint inside our network marketing organization.

  • How to connect with new friends and followers

  • How to turn a follower into a lead

  • How to prequalify a lead and turn them into a prospect

  • How to expose your prospect to your product or opportunity​

  • How to follow up​

  • How to answer questions and overcome objections​​

  • How to turn your prospect i​nto a sale or sign up

  • How to pop the question about the business

  • How to ​edify your leaders in group chats

  • How to overcome ghosting and awkward conversations

  • How to close without pressure​

  • How to have the investment conversation and get them started

Learned, tried, tested, and true...And I'm giving it to you for $7!

  • Inside this Money Scripts workbook you will find all the verbiage you need for lead generation, prospecting, converting content into sign ups, recruiting, overcoming objections, follow up, fencers and awkward situations, closing, investment, and 3 way group chats.
  • Size6.85 MB
  • Length11 pages


Authentic $ Scripts for Home Business Owners

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